Hey, Chick! It’s Rizzy!

I’m a ReEducated millennial on a mission to help goal driven women have a wealthy relationship with money while living their financial dream life.

Why should you talk money with me?

I understand what it’s like to not make enough and work so hard. I have dealt with sabotaging mindset struggles, crappy life circumstances that make budgeting seem impossible, and terrible decision making when it comes to having fun or saving for later.

Even through it all I persevered and came back with resilience and desire to help others through their journey. Because the struggle is real. 

Money is a life long relationship that needs to be nurtured and developed not left to the side to flounder on its own.  

It’s hard to face your shortcomings, mistakes, and plain ignorance, but it’s even harder to live with them.

I will help you face it all and come out better, stronger, and wealthier. 

You deserve to live your financial dream life ASAP. Without all the drama and confusion, so you can have clarity on what you really want. Weather it be financial security, financial independence, or financial freedom. 

I am here to help you plan the dream and then start living the dream by taking one step at time into an amazing financial future. 

I am your money coach, your money guide, and your biggest money fan.

Let’s work together! 🙂


Rizzy <3


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 Freedom Goals:

One of my biggest life goals is to become financially independent by the time I’m 35.

While striving to reach this goal I have increased my net worth by $25,000, increased my credit score by 120+ points, and increased my savings from 0 to 18%.

Next to each goal is the real story, which includes my struggles, failures, accomplishments, and other vulnerable details about my money goal life.

All of this has been placed here to keep me accountable and to help you see my progress.

This money  journey is a rollercoaster , but I’m loving the ride!


Rizzy <3


 The Dream Journey 

Starting Age: 24


2015 Start Year:

Get Efficiency Apartment 


2016 Year 1:

Credit Card Pay Off $1600

$1000 Emergency Fund


2017 Year 2: 

 Pay Off Car $14,000


2018 Year 3: 

Pay Off Student Loans $24,000

Investing 10% of income


2019  Year 4:

Year Emergency Fund 

$18,414   $12,084

/$5500 Roth IRA $6000


2020 Year 5: 

Buy First Rental Property  Home

$100,000/$10,000 down 

$15,000 down


2021 Year 6: 

Investing 20% of Income


2022 Year 7:

Investing 30% of Income


2023 Year 8: 

Investing 40% of Income


2024 Year 9: 

Pay off Rental Property 

Investing 50% of Income


2025 Year 10: 

Investing 70% of Income


2026 Year 11: 

Investing 90% of Income


2027 Year 12:

Start of Financial Independence


Goal Ending Age 35


The Real Journey 


2015: Got an Efficiency Apartment

  • Bought “new” car -$14,000
  • Begin intense budgeting 
  • Moved into an efficiency apartment $534/m
  • Started weekly meal prepping
  • Started contributing to 401k 

Reached my 2015 goal by super budgeting: Envelope budgeting method, daily checking of bank, saying no constantly to invites out, meal prepping, intense planning, no buying of anything that wasn’t a need. Extremely disciplined year. 

2016 Year 1: Paid off Credit Card Debt 


  • Paid off Credit Card Debt  $1900
  • Paid off two student loans $202
  • Saved $1000 for emergency fund
  • Started semi-minimalism 
  • Started monthly meal prepping
  • Started learning more about money and passive income 
  • Started learning coding for web design 
  • Switched car insurance and saved $684 annually 
  • Started making natural products 
  • Got a part-time job +800/m
  • Started exclusive bulk shopping at Sam’s Club
  • First square foot garden

Reached my 2016 money goal with automatic payments, automatic savings, sink funds and no credit card usage. Learned that extreme discipline can burn you out. Decided to ease up and added things to budget like time out with friends and travel fund. 

2017 Year 2: Almost Paid off car


  • Rent goes up to $560/m
  • Started Capsule Wardrobe
  • Started quarterly meal prepping
  • Started shopping exclusively at Aldi and Sam’s Club
  • Dentist found several cavities from non-flouride natural toothpaste -$800
  • Family vacation and visiting bestie -$1000
  • Bought blogging and business courses -$200
  • Frivolous spending -$700
  • Went to Paris, France & Dublin, Ireland -$1300
  • Switched to a Roth IRA

Didn’t reach my main 2017 goal because of frivolous spending in wanting to be “normal” and 3 vacations. Budgeting is a total balancing act!  Now understand that I have to cashflow all new endeavors.  

 2018 Year 3: Paid off Car + $22,000 left on student loans  


  •  Lost Full time job income
  • Paid off car 
  • Part time income pays all my bills, but doesn’t allow sink funds or investing for 2 months
  • Started freelance web design business 
  • Switched cellphone providers and saved $600 annually 
  • Started Slay Down of student loans
  • Got a new full time job 
  • Quit my faithful part time job 
  • Cash Flowed/ CC Rewards my trip to Cuba $700

A year of catching back up with everything money wise and reaching several money goals. Got my debt down to one thing: Student Loans.


2019 Year 4: $21,000 left on Student Loans

  • Had to stretch my money to deal with personal issues so less towards Student loans and more towards some of lifes pitfalls
  • Got Engaged 💍 with a wedding in the near Future $5k or less
  • Got Married. WOW!
  • Paid off two more student loans!! Thank GOD!! I have 13 more to go and YES im crazzzy and trying to pay them all off in 2020. I pay off debt in 5 years or less so I’m up to the challenge people!!

 2019 was a crazy year! Reconstructing my finances, Finding my life partner, and changes to everythiiiiing. Those great plans to the left will have to change because I am not the only one planning my life anymore. I love change and I love reworking plans. So here’s to 2020!!

 2020 Year 5: Paying off student loans no matter what!








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