How to Get Money Gritty

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So you got into a nice groove with your money. 


Your budget is going strong


Your savings is getting fatter.


Your money confidence is skyrocketing. 


And then life happens!


Your Boss says “We need to talk”.


You need an emergency root canal.


A world pandemic happens.


The habits and savings you built begin to crumble. 


Because life hit you hard you moan “what is the point of trying!“


Giving up and throwing in the towel is not the answer. Instead, get Money Gritty! 


Keep reading to find out more about money grit and how you can get gritty with your money.

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What is Money Gritty?

Money Gritty is the tenacity to go after your money goals even when circumstances are against you. Get ready for your emotions to flip out and the world to hit hard. 

No matter how many times life keeps hitting, you keep kicking. Let the circumstance happen, take inventory of your money, reset the plan, and get right back at!

Take preventative measures ahead of time and take intentional steps afterwards to get back on track. 

These two aspects are key to staying strong and gritty on your money journey.


How To Get Money Gritty

This will be broken down into two sections: Preventative Measures and how to to reset after circumstances sabotage you.

Preventive Measures:


Be Ready For The Money Storms: They are coming!

  • An emergency happens that wipes out your small emergency fund in seconds
  • A world pandemic puts you in furlough or without a job for months
  • Your last day at work is tomorrow and you had no idea
  • The stock market plummets and all your investments go to nothing

These things suck and could happen at any time! The only thing you can do is get ready for them.


Here are some tips:

Multiple Stream Ideas:

  • Your Skills ( photography, social media, video editing, typing, hair, makeup, events)
  • Your Property ( parking spots, cars, rental property)
  • Gig work (Doordash, Instacart, Uber)- Make accounts for these initially so all you have to do is download and go when you need them
  • Digital products ( music, ebooks, stock photos)
  • Have people you can lean on: weather that is friends, family, church groups, or the like. Build that community and relationship so they can help you in times of need interest-free. This makes a huge difference and creates a stronger bond. 

How To Do A Money Reset: 

Stay committed to your budget

It’s really easy to stop budgeting when life gets bumpy. You are scrambling to make things work so budgeting seems like an extra burden.

You need your budget most when things don’t go as planned because that is one area you can control. Reign in your desires and stick to it, you will thank me when it’s over.

Stop the temptation and instead recalculate and move your budget categories around. You may have to remove a few things you are saving for and/or go to a minimum on your discretionary spending, but you still should keep your budget going strong.


Remake your money plans and goals

Your money goals and plans are still attainable, you will need to rework the numbers to fit your current circumstances. The timeline might be longer or bumpier, but the goal is still there and ready to be reached.

That means you need to sit down and look at all your numbers again. My money audit blog post is great for that! The Financial Overview is included in both of my money roadmaps, that’s how essential it is on every part of your money journey! Grab yours here. 

With those new numbers recalculate your goals. Take your new normal and divide it by how many months and/or years until you reach your goal. Once they are recalculated are you willing to work smarter to keep the same goal date or are you ok with stretching your goal date?

Once you have made that decision you now need to replan as well. I talk more about that in the next sections below.


Keep your money goals in front of you:

If you have a money goal make sure you see it every day. Your new recalculated goal needs to be in an area you check daily. Whether it be your mirror, your vision board, or your computer screen/ phone screen.

Another great idea is to write your goals down and place on your nightstand to read when you wake up and when you go to bed. This helps keep the goal in your subconscious. (I got this trick came from one of my Favorite books – Think and Grow Rich)


Sacrifice to get back on track:

You may have to sacrifice some time, effort, or even savings to make things right again. If you have a money goal you must hit by a certain time you may need to pick up shifts on Uber or Instacart for extra funds or use some of your savings. 

I encourage you to find a hustle where you are refining your skills or building them, there is nothing like being able to make money from your skills. It’s so empowering!

If you are great at hair, makeup, photography, video, events, or jewelry/scarfs- find some clients and give them your best effort! Be sure to record it and ask for reviews so you can use that for future endeavors.


Tell others your new goal:

This really helps you stick with it. People naturally want to help you succeed. If you are not telling other people your new money goals they won’t be able to support you and that could lead to self-sabotage.

You don’t have to tell them your exact goal, but you can inform them of your new way of living. This helps them know not to ask you out to eat every other day or to go on vacation monthly. You are showing them how to treat you ahead of time as you get back on track.

You can tell people your goals all day, but you still will need to wield the power of the word “No”. Remove the negativity or awkwardness of saying no by relating it back to your goal and finding another option to do instead.

“No, I’m still trying to save up for our car this month, but let’s eat over at my house this weekend. I have plenty of food to share and my home bar is stocked! ”

These statements let them know you have goals to slay, but it doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun plus it inspires them in their money goals!


My Last Two Cents:

Life will serve you plenty of lemons with your money, use the tips above to prevent catastrophe and reset so you can get back to money moving.

If you want to take things deeper, sign up for a Money Reset. The Money Reset is a 60 minute meeting to challenge your money mindset, share advice and tips on how to move forward, and create a quick-start money plan to get things back on track.

Good luck and remember the little steps always count!

-ReEducated Rizzy <3


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