5 Things That Sabotage Money Goals

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Do you keep sabotaging your efforts to pay off debt, stay on a budget, or save your money?

You may be doing one of the actions or thinking one of the ways below. 

This is a guide to stop money goal sabotage by changing your actions and mindset. 

Your money goals are worth reaching! Once you conquer them they can change your life for the better and so many new opportunities open up for you. 

While you are on your money journey things can get hella bumpy! There will be lots of pitfalls and obstacles you will have to get out of or get through. 

Here are a few of the mental,  emotional, and habit blocks that have tried to sabotage my goals while on my money journey plus action plans to help you out of yours.

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1. Not Tracking

If I didn’t consistently track my money goals they became less and less important until I gave up on them. When you track something you constantly remind your brain where you were, where you are now, and where you want to go.

Without those constant reminders, your brain shifts the priority to the back of your mind while other things take over.

If you are having a hard time tracking your goals set up reminders on your phone and in your calendar to check the goals regularly once a week or once a month.

Have an accountability partner remind you. They need to be someone you can depend on and who is not scared to tell you what the deal is.

Action Plan:
1. Download The Goal Planner Sheet to see where you should be throughout the year
2. Set up reminders on your phone and calendar to check money goals and ask someone to keep you accountable.
3. Follow @ReEducatedTwenties Instagram stories for MoneyMinders throughout the month to track your money goals.


2. Inconsistency

Whenever I become inconsistent with my money goals for a  paycheck or a month things get out of control.

My automations become a mess. My money goals have to be redone and I have to do some serious mental work to get back on track.

When you become inconsistent throughout your money journey anchor back into your why, redo all your numbers, and get back at it.

Action Plan:

  1. Set up automatic bill pay and/or automatic savings so that consistent with paying and saving.
  2. Don’t give up, create a new plan. It will be better than the old one, plus you learned some things.
  3. Keep the extra payments towards debt when things come up. Make sure you are set up with emergency funds and sink funds for known expenses. If the item is out of range of those two fallbacks you may have to say no until next time. It only hurts for 5 seconds. You got money goals to slay!

3. My “Circumstances”

Sometimes while working towards my money goals I would need to make sacrifices or come to terms with how much money I make. 

I would get angry at the world, at my status in life, and my ability to move up!  I would have my money and life goals hanging up around my house and then rip them off the walls.

One time my now husband walked into one of my “sessions”. Scraps of paper and ripped vision boards were strewn all around my apartment while I was crying and nursing a cocktail. Why he married my hot mess dramatic self I just don’t know! 😉

This is going to happen when things get too much for your brain to handle. When things keep going wrong. Things keep popping up. Life keeps beating you down. You just can’t take it.

You have the right to cry a little and have a tantrum. Don’t hurt anybody though!

But when it’s over it’s time to get up and keep going! Keep going because you are a goal-getter. Keep going because you are becoming a whole new you on the other side of that goal. You are changing the people around you. You are changing the generation after you.

If you need more help and advice, know that I am here to talk it out and help you navigate the pitfalls. I have been there and we can do virtual cocktails any day!

Action plan:

  1. Join the ReEducated Twenties Facebook group to release the tension
  2. Remember that diamonds are made from pressure.
  3. Sign up for a Reset session with ReEducated Twenties and use it to let the drama out refocus on your goals.

4. No Plan For Obstacles

This one will trip the best of us up.

I did not plan for obstacles with my money goals. The only thing I had to fall on was my mini- emergency fund of $1000. When that ran dry from someone hitting my car in the parking lot and then needing new tires. I was stuck on how to buy Christmas gifts.

Obstacles just kept popping up. I kept going to the wrong way and falling into money traps. I was mentally and emotionally exhausted.

When you hit a wall it means something isn’t right and you need to figure it out.

After reading a few articles, I decided to start sink funds to stop known life obstacles from ruining my money plans. I also saved more than $1000 for my mini-emergency fund because it seems like a lot when you are broke, but it’s very little when life hits you.

Lastly, I worked on obstacles with my mindset

  • Hitting reset when I kept going the wrong way over and over again
  • Getting accountability when I was feeling like giving up
  • Gathering knowledge and insights when my drama talk was getting the best of me

Action Plan:

  1. Write out all of the possible obstacles you could have on your money journey. Even the “this would never happen” ones [ World Pandemic 2020]
  2. Set up preventative measures such as emergency funds and sink funds and come up with plans for every obstacle that helps you get back on track quickly
  3. Sign Up for a  Money Reset. They are a great way to let all the worries out and then follow a plan to make it right.

5. Not Wanting It Bad Enough or Believing In The Results 


Your goals are the same way. When you don’t want it bad enough or fully believe it can’t happen with you your motivation for the goal can only go up so high.


Do you remember the Santa Clause movie when he couldn’t fly because no one believed in him?Even when a few people believed in him he could only coast above the ground or above the trees. But when people all around the park and on television believed he was able to soar. Yes I know that was a movie, but honestly, it applies to your goals!


If you half believe your money goals or don’t beleve the results are for you it makes it doubly hard to reach them and you will never soar! You will deal with a lot of the stuff above and truly self-sabotage.


I struggle with this when I try to lose weight or while trying to build my online business. Everything seems so impossible and hard. But it’s just fear, uncertainty, doubt, and resistance talking.


You gotta learn how to believe in your money goals before you see the big results.


Action Plan:

  • Figure out what is holding you back from fully believing your money goals and figure out why. Is it your past, your parent’s past, no examples to look at?
  • Reframe your numbers: Numbers do not lie if you meet them you will get the result you want!  They should show you that the results are fully possible. If you are dealing with something like your salary being a lot more than it is right now, you will need to use your imagination. I got this tip from Natalie Bacon: she does the best mindset work for high achieving women.


My Last Two Cents:


Money goals are worth accomplishing no matter the obstacle. Don’t let your circumstances, mindset, or setbacks block you from your goals.


You are not alone on this journey so ask for help if  you need it or join a community.


Remember: the little steps always count! Keep going!


Money goals are a key stop in navigating to money mastery on your ReEducated Money Journey.


-ReEducated Rizzy <3


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